I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of our water pump turning on and off every 10-15 seconds.  Since I knew that our heating system relies on water, I turned off our heat, and headed down to the basement.  Too much pressure was getting into our tank, so I unplugged it and looked for the valve that switches to our well.

Our well worked for literally two toilet flushes.  Okay, so I turn that off.  After a whole day of trying to get running water for the family, (it just so happens my hubby is out-of-state,)  we got the cistern filled with water from a hauling service.  We should get water, right?

Nope.  Still isn’t working.  We must need to prime our pump.  I texted my Dad and he tried to tell me how to prime the well pump in order to prime the cistern pump, so we could get water.  The well pump was working, but nothing was happening.

Dad came over last night and worked on it for a couple of hours, trying to get our pump to work.  It turns out we probably need to replace our foot valve, which requires our cistern to be empty, which we just happened to fill with 2000 gallons of water just hours before.

The real kicker is that the people who sold us the house lied and told us our well is 30 ft. deep and fed by an underground spring.  Turns out, after Dad looked at it, it’s a contaminated mess and 15 ft. deep at most.

So we have no water, and have to get a new well dug ASAP.  We were going to wait until next year, but that’s a no go.  One would think that more people have integrity than to lie about something that effects the health of other people, but sadly my incidences with less-than-honest people have definitely been more than with honest ones.

But we’re pretty tough.  We’ll manage until we get this figured out.  You can always find the good in something.  And so this morning I did.  These pictures showed my morning view.


Not only did I get a lovely sunrise like we always do here, I also witnessed a beautiful moonset.  All bad days eventually come to an end.  Sometimes those bad days bleed into a new one, but eventually the sun does rise into something better.  Everything will be alright.  We have each other.  Our house is filled to the brim with laughter, love, and creativity.  We’re surrounded by beauty and have hope for an excellent future.

Sunrise/Moonset- life goes on.


One thought on “Sunrise/Moonset

  1. My anxiety was building as I got to the part where you discover you have been lied to by the previous owner. But, I smiled at your perspective as you finished this great blog post…. yes, life is all about perspective. Having just watched a dear friend lose her 16-month battle with Cancer, and now we are tending a very sick dog and helping friends in marriage break-ups…. we look for the perspective that you promote here. We have each other. We have sun rises and sunsets and the joys of the fall hunting season. Good luck on your well.

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