We Kopp’s are pretty resilient.  Humans  just are.  That’s why we’re at the top of the food chain.  It shows that mental fortitude and intelligence beats out fangs and claws, wind and storm.  

One thing that we peeps can’t do without is water.  We need it.  A few weeks ago I mentioned that our cistern and well went dry at the same time, as well as our water pump broke, among other things.  We’re still in the process of getting a well dug.  We also can’t drink cistern water, because…. Gross and unhealthy.  

To manage,  we have to go into town every other day and get some water.  We’re really thankful that we bought our truck.  

We also get drinking water in town.  Once in this position, we really found out how much water we consume on a daily basis. We’ve also learned how to be prepared for this happening again.  

Life is a learning process that’s for sure.  And we’re not defeated. Not in the least!  We just roll with the punches, but never denying our human needs.  No matter how resilient we are, we need water.  And that’s something to really think on.


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