73.333 Percent

I made a goal of writing 15 songs in between October 1 – December 31.  I really had it going for awhile, but haven’t finished a song in a few weeks now.  73.333 percent there.  

I feel accomplished that I got 11 done,but I’m not there yet.  I think that I’ll set aside some time this next week to write a couple of them.

This past week I wanted to concentrate on getting into the habit of social media posting again.  I also had an online concert, and practiced my guitar quite a bit.  Goals accomplished!  

But that remaining 26.666 percent remaining bugs me.  Maybe it is my Christian upbringing that bristles at the mark of the Beast, but really it is my drive  to reach my goal that does. 

All that being said,  my new songs are my best-written ones yet.  I feel that they have not only hit a better level of technique, but they are more “Erisa Rei” than any of my songs have been yet.  They are sassy, upbeat, and strong.  (Just like me.) 

Things are really clicking with my career, even though right now it looks pretty slow. I’ve not ever had this much direction with my music, having my next few years pretty well planned out.  This is the quiet before the storm. 

I’m nearly ready! 73.333 percent.


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