2 + 2 Will Never Equal 5 For Me

2 + 2 Will Never Equal 5 For Me

I made it a goal of mine last Fall to read more classic literature. I saw the book, 1984, on the list of “must-reads”, and bought it electronically to read on my iPad. It was one of those reads that annoy me. I thought part of it dull- the middle. The other part I found frustrating because I’m a big proponent of freedom, and that whole book is about control. However, part of me liked the book for that very reason, because it had some good points in it. I even jotted down a few quotes.

“We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them.”

“We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them.” This is a quote from 1984, when someone in Big Brother, that Winston had once considered a friend/ally, really worked for the enemy. Most of us have been betrayed at one point, but only the truly sick will go beyond betrayal into attempted annihilation of a person’s character and personality. Having experienced someone attempting to do this first-hand for years, I can say that it is a rough road. There were so many times I wanted to backlash at the horrible things she was doing to me. I smarted back a couple of times, but I’m happy to say, I’ve kept my integrity. Unfortunately, the monster they were feeding me to lashed back, because I only came out of the circumstance stronger, and with thicker-skin. But this is what the evil-at-heart and deluded do, try to make everyone else believe as they do, because they want to control every aspect of their own world.

“2 + 2 = 5”

Is what O’Brien was intent on proving to Winston. Eventually he succeeded, sadly. Never give up the truth. That’s my motto. Which is why I loved this quote:

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”

There are those who hate truth, because it is such a stark contrast to the state of their own soul. They will lie and say that you lie. They will create drama to put you in a bad light. They will try to play mind games, but they won’t win, if you cling to the truth.

I was somewhat disappointed with the ending of the book. Would I have fared better than Winston? Interesting thought…


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