The Fighter Inside

All my life I had people say nasty things about my temperament. How it will bring me down… How I will never be successful because of it… How I will be alone… First of all, none of their doomsday predictions have come true. Secondly, my “bad attitude” was oftentimes a reaction to injustice played by their own hands. It was like burning someone with an iron and then saying, “Look at how you reacted! You’re weak.” Nope. Just human, and feisty.

And while, there are times that my temperament has gotten me into some hairy situations, it also has been beneficial. I can’t imagine that with the things I’ve gone through that I would be standing strong here after it, without my feisty nature. You just can’t get me down for very long. I have calloused knees from falling down so much. But I’ve gotten strong muscles from getting up again. Scar tissue is thick.

So call me feisty, hot-tempered, impatient, fierce, or rebellious, whether accurate or not, it doesn’t matter to me or change who I am. My temperament is what saved me from slipping into insanity. My inner strength has taught my children that you can get up from the ground, time-and-time again. It has taught them through watching me that steel resolve and humility go hand-in-hand, and make you FIERCE AND LOVING, if you deal with trouble correctly.

And the same goes for YOU. What was sent your way to destroy you, CAN’T, if you refuse to stay down. Embrace the fighter inside of you. It’s there for a reason.


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