The world around us in winter is bleak grey from the dreary sky, brown from the tired earth, the dark sienna of bare tree limbs, the ember fire of stubborn oak leaves that are determined to hang on to Autumn, the occasional translucent white of fog, and plenty of yellow ochre grass. All seems dead, but in reality everything is sleeping here on the farm, and is beautifully colorful in its own muted way. I love all season for their own individual banner colors.

Right now, all the fields that surround us are resting before providing a harvest for yet another year in Earth’s cycle. She is good to us like that, Earth. In central Illinois, and a majority of the Midwest, we live and die by the whim of Mother Nature. If the earth is happy and healthy, and we get rain at the appropriate time and in correct measure, we are taken care of by her, and in measure, by how hard we work. If she doesn’t give us what we need, we wither too.

Indoors, at this time of year, I thumb through seed catalogs, read books on homesteading, plan what I will do on the farm this year, and pin articles and photos of import on Pinterest. I’m excited to start this country-kind of life again, where sustenance and survival are part of every day life. This lifestyle has been mostly dormant for a couple of years now. City life doesn’t show the import of Mother Nature’s whims as much.  It doesn’t require you to work as hard.  You can still “take it easy” and survive, and I guess that I could still here, but that seems like such a waste to me.

In response to that call of stewardship, changes are being made in our household that I will share with you all soon through blogs and videos. These are healthy changes for the Kopp family, more organic, not only in name, but in reality. Everything in our life is centered on home again, right where it should be. Everyone and everything needs seasons of rest, and recalibration. We are all more fruitful that way. If allowed, there is a lot of pleasure to be found in the simplicity of rest and recalibration, a satisfaction in the commonality and function of it.  It is nice to rely on the work of our own hands, and trusting in the relentless cycle of nature as we know it.  I’m not going to take advantage of the rise and fall of Nature’s breath anymore.  I’m going to take notice and move with it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have experienced a shift with my music, as well as with my spirituality. Our country living has also done this change of focus. We are shifting and moving, acclimating. It’s amazing how resilient LIFE is.

This is the mode we’re in right now: recalibration.

It feels fantastic.


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