Life = Hard


Life is hard for many people in different ways. And each of our painful memories should never be diminished by someone saying, “it could be worse”, or that they’ve been through worse. Hard times are hard times. Wounded hearts are wounded hearts. No single person on the planet has the right to say how long it takes for any one wound or many wounds to heal. Too often wounds are deepened by lack of empathy, or allowed to fester without someone administering any loving touches to heal.

We all heal in our own time. Granted, we have to allow ourselves to be healed. We can’t make painful circumstances a crutch for us to lean on, while we trip someone else to make them fall. Life can be hard– it can make us or break us. It’s a dumb cliché, but it’s a true one. It’s what we learn from these hard times, that makes a is hard_0.jpg


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