The Pain and Pride of Being Unique


If you are unique, you garb the figurative garish cloak of rainbow-hued sequins that comes with being so.  It doesn’t matter if you are a hippie, a goth, a hillbilly, or a soccer mom.  If you decide to stand up for something that goes against the “norm”, or you create a piece of art that looks different or sounds different than what most people have seen or heard, you don said cloak of seeming-ridiculousness.  When I say unique, I’m not talking about someone acting like a nutcase and desperately seeking attention from whomever will look/listen.  I’m talking about silencing the crowd of voices, (whether well-meaning or ill-willed,) that tell you how to act, think, look, and speak. If you were to quiet all the “should be’s” and other people’s desires for your life, what would you say?  What would you wear?  What would you do?

In my own life, I have a lot of people who don’t “get” me.  I’m a mom of 5. (Different.)  I home school. (Different.) I have a music career with said 5 kids, and I’m 38 years old. (Different.) I am not a party girl-  I’ve never been drunk, smoked, or touched any drugs. (Different.)  My music is impossible to classify. (Different.)   I speak my mind about many matters that most would be afraid to talk about, AKA being honest. (Different.) This list goes on extensively…

Sometimes, really most of the time, I’m okay with this.  However, every once in awhile, it gets hard.  And I have a SUPER strong personality.  I have a very centered moral compass.  I have been knocked down repeatedly through betrayals, lies, and rejections.  But I always get back up.  That’s what makes me strong.  However, even the strong have their weak moments that bring pain, when they linger on old regrets. It’s hard when being different and unique is something that is hard for people to accept. I felt that way fleetingly last night. I’m okay this morning. 🙂


It is AWESOME being unique!  You can create something that has never been made before. You create artful masterpieces for the eye, ear, and brain.  You can speak words that others are too frightened to, because they fear what other people think.  You can bring GOOD CHANGE to our world.  I know you can!  And when things get hard, and there is a lot of mass change all around, you are keeping your cool a lot better than the people who always go with the crowd’s flow.  When the crowds scatter, you’re standing on a rock with your sparkling cloak flowing out behind you like a rainbow-spectrum superhero.  Now that’s awesome.

Shine on, you crazy diamond. 





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