Album Release Party!

cd-bbqWe’ve decided that since we have the barn for it, and the parking for it, we’re going to have my album release party at our farm in central IL!  For those that can’t make it, we are also going to stream it LIVE on Facebook, and maybe Periscope.  For those near-by, it’s going to be a potluck.  Bring a dish and some chairs, and have a good time!  We’ll probably have a horseshoe pit set up.  Maybe a volleyball net too.  You can come visit our chickens and meet the family.

I’ll provide:

  • a bonafide Erisa Rei “homegrown soul” music experience
  • BBQ sandwiches and hot dogs
  • my homemade chili (good stuff)
  • homemade mini pies

You bring:

  • Your wonderful self (selves)
  • chairs to sit in
  • a dish or two to pass
  • your own instrument, (guitar, drum, voice, or tambourine) for a jam afterwards

I’ve been writing for “Glass Jar” since 2012.  I’ve had it recorded since September 2015.  I’ve been waiting for the “right” time to release the album.  I’ve been planning for this album release party for a long, long time.

My inspiration?

Leon Russell was my favorite and really, still is.   His music lives on forever. I was very saddened when he died last year.

I will never be as cool as Leon, but I’ll certainly try.



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