Judy Stakee Songwriter’s Retreat

Earlier in March, I had the distinct pleasure of being chosen to attend a songwriter’s retreat led by Judy Stakee.  For those of you who don’t know who she is, Judy started the career of Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow, plus many more. 

The first day of travel was wonky for many of us.  LAX is under construction and so many flights were delayed and changed.  I almost missed my connecting flight, and had maybe sat in the seat for two minutes when the plane started moving.  Close call! 

The area where the retreat was located was beautiful.  It was mountainous and there were Redwoods everywhere.  Here’s a gorgeous view at the retreat center. 

I was able to meet a lot of great songwriters.  It was nice connecting with people who genuinely love the craft of songwriting, and have a drive to succeed. There were many talented people there that I had the privilege of meeting.  They will be forever friends. I miss many of them! 

We co-wrote every day, but the holistic bent of the retreat was very refreshing.  It showed my how tremendously far I’ve come with my attitude towards myself.  Previously, I had let a few people in my life dictate my personality, stifling who I really am.  I mentioned in previous blogs that my attitude towards myself was adjusting, and the retreat was proof of that.  I was able to be the upbeat, resilient  person I really am without all of the baggage from my past weighing me down.  People saw me as strong, and that hadn’t happened for years.  I really believe that this strengthening of my soul happened because of God, wise choices to leave to TN, the love of my family/friends, and a determination within myself to KEEP. GETTING. UP!  

And my fellow co-writers saw that.  Judy did too.  This “force to be reckoned with” isn’t going away anytime soon.  I’ll probably continue to make music until I’m that old lady with the long, white hair, strumming my guitar and singing for whomever will listen.  I’m excited about the future and I think that shows to whomever meets me. 

The most important thing that this retreat did for me was rip the scab off the wound that said “I’m not worthy.”  I realize that I am worthy of compliments.  I am worthy of any success I have, because I’ve worked for it.  I’m worth the privilege of being happy in life, and in finding peace.  And you know what?  I have. ❤


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