Mail Lady

For about a month now my house has been in disarray from all of the product and packaging for the mailings I have to do.  Boxes, envelopes, notecards, albums, and now t-shirts, have invaded my home.  

“Glass Jar” releases in three weeks now!  I have mailed out most of the radio packets and all of the publicity.  I did it in stages, but still the local postmaster said that I hold the record for most stuff mailed in one shot!  (It’s a very small town.)

Today, I will finish up mailing out radio packets, and start putting together the pre-order packages.  Most of my t-shirts/tanks came in, and they look awesome!  Here’s my youngest girl wearing one. 

This last month right before the release is always exhausting, but it was rewarding last time.  I believe it will be this time too.  

Take a listen! 

Please pre-order my album “Glass Jar” here:

I’ll keep you updated on the release. It’s my goal to try to write a blog post three times a week.


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