Planting Our Orchard

It’s been a little ridiculous how many times I’ve attempted to plant an orchard. The first two times were while we lived in TN.  The deer that were prolific in that area destroyed them.

The third time we planted an orchard there in TN, I just planted a few apples, and put up a plastic, temporary fence around them to keep the deer out.  Of course this fence was rigged to be 8 ft. high and had barbed wire all across the top.  (Hey!  It kept the deer out!) 

Once that was successful, I ordered a bunch of other fruit trees to come in the spring of 2015.  However, due to circumstances, we had to move fairly quickly back to IL in the Fall 2014.  I had to cancel that order.  

The house we initially lived at in IL had a very small yard, but I planned on espaliering the fruit trees.  However, once the spring of 2016 rolled around, we had decided that we were definitely going to find a place in the country.  We just didn’t know where yet.  So, I gave the fruit trees to my Dad. 

Now, we are finally in our (knock-on-wood,) forever home in the country.  Last fall, with a certain determination, I ordered over 20 fruit trees.  They came yesterday!  I was going to plant them today, but it was supposed to rain.  We decided to just get it done in the evening, although I had already been on my feet all day long.  The whole family helped, so we were able to get 22 trees planted in 3 hours. 


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