Playing Catch-Up

Last Wednesday, Lilly and I left for OH to play at Taffy’s in Eaton.  Manfred was a wonderful host and the coffee was fine!  The sound was also amazing there.  I wish all venues sounded so good.  

Lilly looks like a Sim! 

While in Nashville, we had a great voice lesson with Robin Earl.  She gave us both great pointers, particularly on how to relax more while singing.  

On Saturday, we went to my parents’ house for a Derby Day party.  I did NOT wear a hat, because I was exhausted. 

Then on Sunday and Monday, we gardened all day long, both days.  We had to catch up with planting, because it has been raining so much here in central IL.  Many of the farmer’s fields are flooded.  They aren’t able to get into the fields yet.  

We are finally mostly caught up with the planting.  We have melons to plant today, and some fencing to put up. 

Here’s a peek at our garden.:

I haven’t ever really had much time through the years for flowers.  My garden has always been a lot more practical.  Healthy food for the family has always been first and foremost in my mind.  In TN, we had a lot of struggle with deer and other varmints and all of our efforts were put towards the veggies.  

Yesterday, I bought a few annuals, which is basically unheard of for me to do.  I think that the kids are excited about it though.  We’ll be getting those planted today too.  

Lastly, I was very happy to find that former owners of our home planted poppies.  They are lovely!


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