Gobs of Gardening

Well, we did it!  There are only a few things left to plant in our garden, and it isn’t time to put them in yet.  

Here is what we have growing so far.:

We had a little time for planting some annuals.  I usually forego flowers, but I had my daughter asking me to plant some every other day.  She picked the purple petunias.

This was the moon rising over our garlic bed the other night.  

Blackberry flowers!

One half of what we planted this weekend is above and the other is below. It was a lot of work, but we got it done together over the course of three days.

Above is some arugula.  Below is our row of radishes.

Below is some kale.  We’ve already thinned it out and it still is growing thick.  

Can’t wait to eat these collards.

Above is a close-up of a pea blossom. Below is my row of peas.  If you’ve never experienced eating a pea fresh from the garden, let me encourage you to make it happen! 

One of our rows of young lettuce.

Spinach is looking great!

Dad gave us some Asian cabbage plants a few weeks ago.  (Two words: Thai Curry)

We’ve already thinned out our onions twice.  They are so good as toppings for 7-layer dip and baked eggs.

I’ll keep taking pictures and posting them as the growing season progresses.  


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