A Few Changes

I’ve mentioned since the beginning of the year that I had planned on a few changes not only with my music, but in my life.  

The first is with my health.  I’ve had an abnormal amount of stress from 2006-2016.  It was a rough ten years.  These external circumstances put a lot of stress on my body as well.  I had been eating fairly well and exercising fairly consistently since 2010, and for the most part it was a lose 10 lbs, gain 15 cycle.  

At the beginning of the year, we started using more organic products, from cleaning supplies to shampoo.  We had done this for awhile, but reverted back to it in recent years.

Another health change had to do with the fact that I had confirmation that I have health issues that prevent me from losing weight.  A good portion of my issues are due to the stress of those 10 years.  I’m working on reversing the damage.  I can’t exercise heavily.  My diet is very strict.  And I’m having to make myself take time to focus on it. 

Another area of change is that I’m going to not be pushing as hard with my “Erisa Rei” music. My daughter, Lilly Kopp, is starting her career up.  These years of her youth are very key in the industry, and I want to help her with her career.  I will continue live shows locally, but I won’t be pushing for out-of-region touring.  I also won’t be pushing so hard for social media.  

Plus, I’ve been in a place of transition these last few weeks.  I’ve really had to swallow a bitter pill of regret concerning my music.  I had the opportunity to do Christian music twice with my label, when they asked me to do it.  The first time, I definitely wasn’t ready.  I was very wounded, and not healed up from damage inflicted by poor church leadership and fellow Christians.  However, the second time was due to sheer stubbornness, because I had a direction that I wanted to go, and I was going to stick to my guns.  That is what I regret, because I had told God that if I ever had gotten an opportunity to do Christian music with a label, I would.  But I dropped the ball.  Now I am reticent about that.  

As a result of this, and in order to give back to God, we’ve been working on a family Christian community/music collective called “terce.”.  In hindsight, I can see how I fit best in Christian music.  Social change and spiritual growth are things that I am passionate about.  I also have ALWAYS been uncomfortable with applause for me, even the standing ovations that I’ve received.  I feel that God is more worthy of that than I am.  

I’ll still work on “Erisa Rei”.  I’ll still gig at bars and non-Christian venues, because my music touches people there, and honestly, quite a few of my songs have spiritual implications in them. I’ll release a single here and there. For now, my focus is definitely on giving God His dues.  Our family is going to be building terce. up.  Personally I’ll be picking up the pieces of the Christian music dream that I had discarded and trying to piece it back together the way that God wants. 


One thought on “A Few Changes

  1. Good to hear, this is the answer to my prayers for you. I wanted to say something on your FB post but God just told me to pray. I did. You need to be in Christian music, you have so much inside of you to share to others who were hurt like you.

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