I am a wife.  I am a home schooling mom of 5. But I’m not one of the homeschool mom’s that spends hours searching up different curriculums and crafts.  I don’t like to chat about it over coffee.  It, in fact, bores me.  I’ve found a great curriculum that I’ve used for years and I’m sticking to it.  I teach my kids- that’s it.  I’m not part of a homeschooling group, because I hate it when I come across competitive Moms who think that their kids are the smartest children in the universe in EVERY subject.  I want to give them a tongue lashing and that would bring drama, so I avoid. 🙂  I also like to garden on our 6 acres and can the produce there-of.  I do NOT garden the entire 6 acres. Maybe a 1/3 of an acre?   I do NOT like to clean.  Be forewarned.  I may complain about this occasionally- usually grouchily and with many, varied negative descriptions.

Characters of Chez Kopp:

Eric- hubby

Erisa Rei- me

Big L- oldest daughter

Big A- second-born daughter

Little A- third-born daughter

Little L-  oldest son

Baby S- youngest son and probably the last baby Kopp

I am also a singer/songwriter in the roots-rock and Americana vein.  I have released two official roots projects.  “Backwards”  was released in September 2007.  It did pretty well, but I stupidly tried to keep doing Christian music.  Can we say “square peg, round hole”?  So I had a light bulb moment a little over a year ago and realized my success was in the roots and Americana world.  So in early 2011 I started working on a new full-length Roots-Rock/Americana project.  I released “Black Ball” on January 3, 2012.  I heart it VERY much!   It’s already doing well.  As of January 30, it has been #5 on the Roots Music Report’s Roots Rock Internet chart for two weeks running. It was also #41 on the Roots 66 charts for the week of January 24.  Fingers crossed that it keeps getting up there! You can check out my official music web-page here:

The rest you will find out as I blog.  My goal is to blog at least once a week.

You can also add me on FB here:

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Erisa Rei Kopp


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